Procurement within the South Australian Government is governed by Treasurer's Instructions 18 - Procurement and Procurement Services SA, Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) is the Government’s central procurement branch. It is led by a senior executive who reports to the Treasurer via the Chief Executive, DTF. Procurement Services SA oversees and maintains the South Australian Government Procurement Framework.

The Framework is designed to empower public authorities to engage with industry, clients and communities to innovate and take balanced risks to pursue better outcomes.

The range of procurement undertaken by different public authorities within the South Australian Government is extensive, reflecting the diversity of government operations.  It is important that suppliers recognise the South Australian Government is not one market but a combination of many diverse markets with unique needs and it is, therefore, essential for prospective suppliers to research and accurately target the relevant public authorities most likely to utilise their goods and services.

Further information on how Procurement Services SA encourages public authorities to engage with suppliers is detailed within the Industry Engagement Guideline.


Government procurement has a significant role in improving South Australia’s economy, employment and business opportunities.

Treasurer’s Instruction 18 defines procurement as the process undertaking by a public authority:

  • of acquiring goods or services for the public authority, including the acquisition of goods or services on behalf of another public authority or a third party (including members of the public); or
  • for a construction project; or
  • for disposing of goods

In practice, procurement involves:

  • planning for the procurement;
  • the sourcing process; and

establishing and managing contracts.Public authorities must comply with bilateral free trade agreements to which the South Australian Government is a signatory. Further information on this topic can be found in the International Obligations Guideline.

Expected standards of conduct

The Government’s Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector sets out the high standards of professional conduct expected of every public sector employee in South Australia, and states that “the public expects the public sector and its employees to be impartial and not to be improperly influenced in the performance of their duties” and “public sector employees will not, for themselves or others, seek to accept gifts or benefits that could be reasonably perceived as influencing them”.

Consequently, any personal or private benefit gained in relation to procuring from a supplier will be in breach of the Government’s Code of Ethics.

Suppliers to the South Australian Government are also expected to act in an ethical and professional manner. Typical expectations of a supplier’s conduct are usually set out in Invitation to Supply documentation.

Further information about this topic can be found in the Probity and Ethical Procurement Guideline.

SA Product and Services Register

The SA Product and Services Register is managed by the Office of the Industry Advocate and is an online directory where all South Australian Businesses can profile their business at no cost and these businesses are promoted to State Government Public Authorities and prime contractors.

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Supplying to Major Infrastructure Projects

ICN Gateway provides a platform for local suppliers to supply to lead contractors of major infrastructure projects, as well as projects in other sectors. A basic registration is free.

Contact ICN for more information on 1300 553 309 or click here to access their website.

Page last updated: 14 September 2021